Friday, 22 May 2009

My First Blog !

Bismillah ar Rahman ar Raheem
Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmathullah wa barakatuhu

Having just come back from the masjid after Jummah prayers and wonderful words from the khutbah, I thought it should be time to actually DO something about my new blog. Given normal circumstances I am not too adventurous in what I do, so starting a blog is quite a frightening step but one I feel I should attempt under the guidance of Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) Even so I find my self asking what I should talk about. Myself? Our glorious Deen? The World? Politics?

My real problem is that I have spent a bit of time looking at blogs on other sisters pages here and I find myself thinking how inadequate anything I write will be compared with their writings. Their wisdom and learning goes far beyond anything I can claim and their quiet confidence puts me to shame in my inability to think clearly when faced with a task like this one. I should be able to match most of what is written by my sisters here; after all, I was educated at a madrassar and I come from a pious household, so I do not really completely lack the ability to talk on Islamic subjects. But perhaps that is something that will come in time insha'Allah. For now I will just put down some thoughts, about why I decided to blog and may be a little about myself as well.

Part of the reason I opened this blog was so that I might be able to express my feelings about our deen and how totally central it is to my life. As a born muslimah brought up in a traditional 'religious' home, Islam and the glories of Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) were placed in front of me from my earliest days and I have never known a day where I have not seen, as a very small child, someone praying or, later, I have not prayed myself. That does not mean that my life was restricted or that I was forced into doing anything which I did not wish to do myself (within reason, of course). But I grew up as a noisy inquisitive child and graduated into being a fairly typical 'difficult', even rebellious, teenager who thought she knew everything and in fact knew very little of what life was really about.

In truth I must smile at that last remark as my teenage years are not far away and yet I look back at them with a mixture of horror and amusement. But now I am probably standing on the edge of the largest change in my life yet as I know that I will be married some time soon insha'Allah. For now I work at home, helping my father as his secretary and some times even helping my mother with all her many household duties. May be that does not sound very adventurous but it suits me, and I have my books and my friends, as well as my family, all of who provide me with a stable circle of people who I know I can turn to for help or talk to on any subject. Compared to so many brothers and sisters in Islam all round the world, I am very fortunate and very blessed in having such a wonderful environment in which to live.

It is strange. Now I have started writing I find there are many things that I wish to say but, knowing my ability to speak or write before I have really worked out what I should say, I think that I am going to halt this brief introduction and say that I will be back with more meaningful and hopefully more interesting blogs in future insha'Allah.

Jazakallah khair to anyone who reads this blog. I hope I have not wasted too much of your time. I hope you may return one day when I have something worth while to say. For now, may Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) bless you and all who you love. Ameen.
Walaikum salaam.

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  1. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

    Dear Sister... Please continue blogging. I can feel that you got lots to share with us insyaALLAH.