Monday, 20 February 2012

Pure Blogger, blogs and confusion !

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem
Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmathullah wa barakatuhu

I always seem to be complaining that I waste good work time as I am easily distracted, and I get side-tracked into doing totally unnecessary things, almost as though I was avoiding work.

My latest distraction is a site called Pure Bloggers  (  I got an e-mail a week or so again from Pure Bloggers, telling me that, if I wanted the whole world to come to read this blog, I should join their site for free.   Being a sucker for anything free (and because my anti-virus software said the site was safe), I signed up and found myself in a site that looked like Face Book a few years ago.   The difference was that I couldn't and still can't find any explanation about how the site was going to benefit me or my blog. 

I started off with no friends and was surprised when I discovered that everyone else there didn't seem to have many or even any friends either.   So I made friends with several people with whom I shared one thing  -  we all had NO idea what the site was for.   A week later and I have several friends who are still as confused as I am, probably because it looks like the site went on stream a few days before I joined.  Even the links to friends' blogs have to be copied and pasted so as to access their blogs, as the site doesn't seem to have got round to opening any external links.  So I have been wasting my time dealing with applications for friendship and generally trying to find out how the site can be useful. 

What the site has done is to get me to look at blogs which I normally wouldn't bother about;  in the past the only ones I read were Islamic ones, and predominately ones written by my sisters in Islam.  So I have widened my bloggersphere which is no bad thing as they provide a micro view of the world, rather than the on-line newspapers, both Arabic and international, and sites from whom I get my world view at the moment.   But one thing has occurred to me after my on-going adventures with Pure Bloggers   -   it is that I am used to visiting and using sites that work perfectly all the time, and which have long ago got over their teething troubles.  So far it appears that Pure Bloggers is not only young but has yet to get over its teething troubles and hasn't yet got any focus.  It will be interested to see if it becomes just another social site like Face Book, or whether he becomes a useful tool for us bloggers.

Watch this space !!!

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  1. Never heard of the site. i will check it out... but not keen on joining many social sites myself.